The new season will begin to show these series! Here are the new season series of tv channels

In the new season, new developments are taking place about the series that will be presented to the audience. New series are revealed! In this article we will give information about the new season series which will be published so far. Here are the series…

New TV shows coming in 2019-2020!

With the start of the new series in the summer season, preparations for the series to be published in the following season have also started. The projects decided to be published in the new season, which will start in September, are among the most discussed topics on social media.

What's New?

 The series, which will be released in September, are already being investigated. TRT 1, Fox TV, Star TV, Channel D will be broadcasted on channels such as which issues and which players will play in these series are a matter of great curiosity.

 Champion/ Şampiyon

 The leading actor of the Champion series, which will meet with the audience on TRT 1 screens, is Tolgahan Sayışman. The topic of the series is the life of a boxer.

 Pigeon/ Güvercin

 The series Pigeon is produced by Pastel Production and Altan Dönmez is the director of the series. Talks  with Seçkin Özdemir for the leading role .The series will meet the audience on Star TV screens.

 Phoenix/Zümrüdü Anka

 Zümrüdü Anka, another series presented by Pastel Production, will tell the life of a man born from his ashes. Information that the series will be broadcast on the Channel D screens is now available.

 The Good Doctor/Miracle Doctor/ Mucize Doktor

 Fox TV will present this TV series to the audience in the new season as an adaptation of Good Doctor. The main actor of the series will be the master player Taner Ölmez announced.

 Dreams and lives/Hayaller ve Hayatlar

Yelda Eroğlu and Yeşim Çıtak are launching a new series  called Hayaller ve Hayatlar. The series will be a comedy and will be broadcast on a digital platform.
According to the journalist Birsen Altundaş’s news, the Dreams and Lives series will be published in September will be among the new projects. The series will be directed by Kerem Çağıroğlu.

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