When will the new season begin?

Channel D screened "Leke "series which was very popular from the first part. Season finale with the new season of the series is excited farewell to the screen during summer. When the new season will start the series ? What happened in the season finale?

What happened in the Leke Series Season Final?

 . In the season finale of the series, Arda told Cem the story of the boat raid and disappearance with the evidence. Cem broke up in the face of what he heard. How will Yasemin defend herself? Can Cem finish his experiences with Yasemin after what he heard? Trying to close Yasemin's book, Cem has a hard time. Does Akbar, who does not believe what Arda tells, will try to prove that what is being told is a lie? In the meantime, Yasemin and Şirin learns. Meto tells them that Serpil's brother is Birkan. It is Meto who helps Yasemin and Şirin who are dealing with threats. Can Yasemin and Şirin escape from the threats of Serpil and Birkan?
Yasemin, Şirin and Meto Hakan run to the Principal in order to escape and seek help. Just when they leave, Yasemin gets a phone call and things get mixed up. After leaving with Yasemin, Cem decides to confront Belkis and goes to him. Cem cannot stand and tells Belkıs his secret. What is this important secret? It is learned that Murat has surgery money from Yasemin. While Yasemin is living a great joy, it is a question of whether Cem will help in the new season. Meanwhile, Serpil and Birkan are afraid of being exposed and start to threaten Yasemin and Şirin.

When will be Leke New Season?

Channel D screens on Tuesday evenings, attracting attention with the young staff of the series gave the final season series. Starring Melis Sezen, Burak Sevinc, Selen Ucer, Mehmet Bozdogan and Tolga Gulec, the series will start when the new season was the subject of curiosity.
The season finale and the new season will continue to come to the Channel D screens in the fall season. The series is expected to come on the screen in September, such as seasonal series of the new season date has not yet become clear. The series was thought to be a summer series, but it attracted great attention on social media and the high watching rates made it a seasonal series. This is why the series is at the beginning of the season with the season finale farewell to the screen. After the 8th chapter, it gave another section and made the season finale. The series will return to the screen at the beginning of the season with a young staff and a beautiful scenario.

Leke Cast

Channel D's new series of young players Leke gave the season finale with the ninth episode. Melek Sezen, Serap Öner, Aslı Turanlı, Mert Asutay, Mehmet Avcı, Lale Başar, Selahattin Paşalı, Nurinisa Yıldırım, Ferdi Sancar, Kerim Tuna Rough, Yağmur Özbasmacı, Ziya Çiçek, Burak Sevinç, Tuğçe Açıkgöz, Nail Kırmızıgül, Ali Savaşçı, Selen Uçer, Mehmet Bozdoğan and Tolga Güleç. Metin Balekoğlu sits in the director's chair. Yıldız Tunç is the screenwriter.

Leke  Plot:

 The series attracted great attention with the story and the actors. The Leke series describes the experiences of two young people and the intersection of their paths. It is wondered whether these young people who have two broken hearts will win the love or pride after the events. In the series about the great love between Yasemin and Cem, the events that took place after the disintegration of the families were also included. Yasemin, who is a disabled brother, meets Cem while he is working hard to pay for his brother's expenses.
Saying goodbye to the screens with the season finale, Leke is excitedly waiting for the new season.

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