Finally, Engin Akyürek's new project who was on the screens with the series "Until Death "was announced. Did the other actors of the TV series 'Sefirin Kızı' The ambassador’s daughter become known?

Engin Akyurek decided to break his long-standing silence with the series Sefirin Kizi. Evaluating good projects, the player made his decision and ended the long wait of his fans and he will bring life  'Sancar' character .


 The  co-production of television companies O3 Medya and NG Media prepare a series of quality like Söz" and "Istanbul Bride" series  to fill the gap on star TV,The ambassador’s daughter / Sefirin Kızı has been decided . 

Engin akyürek new project

The series will be released on Star TV channel in October – November of this year. It is  expected to change the name of the series .If Engin Akyürek is going to play the leading role, a name like The ambassador’s daughter will not be preferred there. The other players of the series Sefirin Kizi have not been announced yet. You can find it on our site when certain.

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