How far was the early bird watched? How are their ratings?

Early Bird scenario crisis was solved and the ratings of the series recovered. How far was Early Bird viewed? Early Bird Bird series, which was published on Tuesday, July 9, both delighted the audience and took the top place in the ratings.

Early Bird series was able to make its channel happy with the ratings it received on Tuesday, July 9. Early Bird series has experienced difficult days in recent weeks due to scenario problems. The series was expected to make an early final if it could not recover its decline in ratings.
The series received great criticism especially because Can and Sanem could not reconcile and live their love. Even the fans of the show even started a campaign on social media.
 In the 47th episode of the series, the couple turned from the wrong and brought many romantic scenes to the audience. These scenes were positively reflected in the ratings of the series. In this way, Early Bird was the most watched series in the EU group on Tuesday 9 July.

 Early Bird was the most watched series in the EU group with a rate of 3.61 and a share of 13.30.
 Faruk Turgut, the producer of the series, took a sigh of relief after these ratings. Fans of the Early Bird series now want the couple to marry and the series is now a family series.

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