Will Omar be able to prove his innocence ??

Along with the help Ceylan gets from her older sister in trying to find out the truth about Christina, this puts all of Tylan's plans in grave danger.
Because of what Christina found herself in, she feels she can no longer hold on to this game until she moves.
Moving now puts Tylan in a very difficult position ..

"Omar" who is looking through "fekret" comes face to face with Taylan. The information he learns from Taylan will shift the relationship between Omar and Ceylan to a whole new level.

Taylan, who is doing everything in his power to get closer to Ceylan, makes the decision to put up investment in the neighborhood. Feryal, who does not like this idea at all, will do everything in her power to prevent her son from moving forward.
Despite everything her sister passed, Elvan's memories of the past and bad times with her family did not leave her, while Sezgin became more attached to Elvan.


 On Monday 8 July @ 20:00 on the ATV

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