Romantic moments between Keremcem and Özgü Kaya!

ATV published as a summer series "Nobody  Knows" series which continues to attract attention. On Tuesday evening, love rumors erupted on the set .
Is there a new love in "Nobody Knows"? Is there love on the set? Here are the details ...

Nobody knows  series starring Keremcem and Özgü Kaya, is followed by a large audience. In a short time, love rumors began to rise in love series. The series starring Sevda and Ali characters, began to be approached by the audience. As such, romantic allegations arose between the two.

Speaking in a program Özgü Kaya, and Keremcem  are very compatible, they both have the same energy, expressed that they have common music tastes. The duo's intimacy behind the camera is not overlooked. Keremcem also had praise  Özgü Kaya. Audiences have begun to match the duo quite a lot.

In many films, viewers bring together the leading actors. The video published by Keremcem on his social media account gave the impression that there was a romantic relationship between the two.
 Those who closely follow this duo "You get married, you look at each other, there is a smell of love in the air," they commented.
 we will see what will happen between the two singing the song "Nobody Knows" in the sunset.

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