Fox TV screened last Friday's first episode "Her Yerde Sen" series, which received great acclaim. The second episode will be released on Friday, June 21, fans of the series, impatiently locked into the new section.

The series starred by Aybüke Pusat "Selin" and Furkan Andıç who brings the character of Demir.

"You are Everywhere " have a stage in the second part of the series so that, almost gives the impression of throwing a bad word on the Early Bird series .

An example of the scene in which we see a lot of similar scenes in the Early Bird series, where Can takes a shower and Sanem secretly walks around the house, will take place in the 2nd episode of Her Yerde Sen.

Although Furkan Andıç doesn't have big muscles compared to his rival Can Yaman, Selin suffers from anger.

Selin says to Demir, “Women want intelligence, not muscle. What are you going to do, whether you're going to hunt Mammoth or we'll give you a bonus for your muscle. ”

Social Women want intelligence rather than muscle and  has become a slogan in social media.

This slogan is mostly referring to Can Yaman in the Early Bird series. Because you can't find an episode in the Early Bird show where the  muscles of Can Yaman are not shown. Can Yaman exhibits his fascination with his muscles in the series and he has heard a bad word from Aybüke Pusat.

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