She answered that very curious question…

 Neslihan Atagül, who recently came to the screen with Kara Sevda, played in the internet series DIP but did not take part in the television series.

Her husband, Kadir Doğulu, plays in the TV series Vuslat published on TRT1, but there is no sound from Neslihan Atagül for a long time.

The fans of Neslihan Atagül, who is mentioned in many series projects  , are excitedly waiting her to return to the screen as soon as possible.

However, there is no clear answer from the famous player yet. For those who are curious about this situation, Neslihan Atagül's latest statement will draw attention.

Atagül answered questions from magazines at a venue wheres he and her husband and family ate dinner.

"There's a lot of work, but it's important that people do something that fits in. What's important to me is to keep on top of everything I do. I might be a little picky for it. In fact, I want to sneak in my heart. " she made the statement.

It seems that none of the offers so far have been embedded in the famous player. It is not known whether she will take place in a series in the new season but it is understood that it is very selective.

In the meantime, the duo was asked whether they would like to play in a series together:
"It comes constantly but we are waiting for a job that fits inside us. If we're going to do it together, it really serves something and sneaks in."

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