This story begins one night when a young girl named Sevda finds herself in the house of a mysterious man named Ali. Despite the fact that the young man lives in a small poor district and nothing distinguishes him from his neighbors, he has a big secret. He is well versed in electronics, and also has unique physical capabilities.

In early childhood, Ali became an orphan. He and his brother Suleiman were taken to one of the shelters, where the boy was able to see in the dark. Intelligence agencies take the orphan under their care and taken away from the orphanage. He loses his brother, with whom he can no longer be seen. Ali, thanks to his abilities, is in the service of intelligence, where he has worked for a long time for the good of the state. However, the loss of his wife and child forced him to leave the service. His only goal from now on is to find his missing brother Suleiman, whom everyone calls the pilot because of his passion for airplanes.

In Sevda's life, everything is fine: she makes a profitable advertising contract and dreams of becoming a star. Alas, on the same day she learns that the mafia can kill her brother if she does not get a large sum as a ransom. The desperate girl turns for help to Uygar Sarykaya, who is in love with her, who in exchange for money makes her an unexpected offer. The girl takes the money, but escapes from the admirer, finding herself in the house of a former employee of the special services Ali.

Ali and Sevda's quick love of love is threatened when he learns the secret that makes the girl forbidden to him. In turn, Uigar does not intend to give up his love. Old scores from the past make history even more complicated and confusing.

Kerem Cem spent several months in the gym, learning the art of warfare. He will play a professional intelligence officer, so the actor approached the issue seriously, having undergone special training.
Despite the fact that the series is released in the summer, this is not a romcom, but a serious drama.

 Kerem cem - Ali Huroglu
 Özgü Kaya - Sevda Egilmez
 Burak Serdar Şanal - Pilot / Suleiman
 Engin Hepileri - Uigar Sarykaya
Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar - Uncle
Sebahat Kumaş - Duygu
Zehra Yılmaz - Tugche
Özlem Başkaya - Hayriye
Taner Turan / Köksal
Adnan Birjik - Kurtbey

Kerem cem  Ali Huroglu

Attractive, charismatic and intelligent man. At an early age lost parents. At the shelter, he was found to have a unique ability to see in the dark. Ali feels remorseful thinking that his little son died because of his work. Moving to a new district, he devotes himself to Allah and people. Ali hopes to find the lost brother Suleiman

Ozgyu Kaya  sevda Egilmez

Smart, self-willed, attractive girl. Her life never went according to plan. When a bankrupt father tries to marry her to a man named Uigar, whom she does not love at all, she will hate her parent and act as he sees fit.

Burak Serdar Shanal

His real name is Suleiman. Charismatic, fearless, at times ruthless, and at times merciful. Very unbalanced, his actions are difficult to predict. His biggest dream is to fly a plane. Alas, you can only have your own plane as a very rich person. But you can think of something else.

Engin hepileri
Uigar Sarykaya

Wealthy, attractive, but very cunning man. Believes that he can get everything he wants. On the way to your goal is ready for any intrigue. Madly in love Sevda and for the sake of this love is ready to destroy the whole world. Ready for anything to achieve their goals.

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