Turkish series Everywhere you are / Her Yerde Sen (2019)

Two young people Demir and Selin purchased house - what could be more banal? Alas, the banality turns into a serious problem when it turns out that they are the victims of dishonest fraudsters who managed to fool the same house twice on the naive clients. Each of the new tenants believes that he is right and is not going to move out. When someone goes to the principle - write is gone: the war for a habitat will unfold serious. Especially considering the piquant circumstance that Demir is the new chief of Selin, so that military actions will be developed both at home and at work.

Demir Erendil arrives in Istanbul from abroad to establish a business in the company of Artemim Mimarlyk. He is a tough boss dictating his conditions to the staff. However, before him a friendly team, rather even a family that does not want to accept his rules. And the fight will be led by the new girl Celine , who, by coincidence, will not only be subordinate to the head of Demir, but also her neighbor. Demir is lonely in this fight, but he is not going to give up..

Against the background of this endless war, young people will unexpectedly face a gift that fate will give them - love. She instantly enthralls and takes both at the most unexpected moment, uniting their lives forever. And two cupids will help them in this - the very fraudsters who sold the house twice. In order not to go to prison, they will do everything possible so that young people fall in love with each other.

  Furkan Andıç ... Demir
 Aybüke Pusat ... Selin
 Ali Yağcı ... Burak
  Aslıhan Malbora ... Ayda
 Ali Gözüşirin ... For
Ali Barkin
 Deniz Isin ... Merve
Cem Cücenoglu
 Aziz Caner Inan
 Ayfer Tokatli
 Fatih Özkan ... Ferhun Ozerdim
Ayse Tunaboylu
 Binnur Serbetçioglu

Who is Demir Erendil?

A clever pedantic young man who does everything to succeed. And success is not long in coming. He achieves a lot at a young age. Behind his harsh appearance lies a good heart and a childhood trauma that he hides from others. Outwardly, he is stern and cautious, lives by the rules. To achieve a new goal and become even more successful, he will have to endure the crazy neighbor Selin next to him. The most important quality of his life is control, and he will lose him with his coming into his life the girl who puts everything upside down.

Who is Seline north ?

Positive but very stubborn young girl. This warrior. The biggest fear in her life is losing loved ones. She has to share a house with Demir, who insists that the house belongs to him. However, Selin does not intend to surrender, arranging a real war for living space. While she is trying to get rid of her hated neighbor, who is stopping her both at home and at work, imperceptibly Selin falls in love with him

Ali Yagji
Who is Burak Yangel?

The son of the owner of the company. An honest man who tries to prove himself in front of his father from the best side. As an acting CEO, he did everything to save the company from bankruptcy. However, on the day when he was sure that now his status would be formalized, he learned that Demir had become the general director. Bruised pride makes a lucky opponent the number one enemy. And the fact that Demir is close to Selin becomes an excellent occasion to show his interest in the girl.

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