Turkish actress Birce Akalay was a jury of a television show on Canal D with actor Enis Erkan, who said that actress Birce had suffered difficult times because of a virus that settled in her heart muscle. It turned out that she no longer appeared in the program because of her illness and returned from death.

In April, a heart muscle virus was found and transferred to intensive care in order to stabilize its condition and give a strong treatment.
Birce has hidden her status from her relatives and loved ones and has gotten rid of the infection now and is waiting for her heart to fully recover.

The actress said she had suffered a great deal of fatigue even by doing the daily work and would rest for a long time in her home.
The audience was informed of her illness and Hashtag released "We Love You Birce"
The actress responded  through her Twitter account:
 "I see you all and thank you from my heart and do not forget, I also love you so much I'm very fine now ... It's been over and finished .."

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