Close sources to the Turkish star Özcan Deniz revealed that he reached an agreement with his wife and the mother of his son, Feyza Aktan, for expenses after their separation.

Aktan, who had been married to the Turkish star for only 15 months, agreed with him to get a divorce for a car and two houses, in addition to a monthly stipend of up to 50,000 pounds.

It is noteworthy that strong differences erupted between the spouses, reached the decision of the duo to separate, has revealed press sources that betrayal behind the decision, where Feyza found  e love messages from another girl in her  husband's phone , Deniz was unable to defend himself, and therefore agreed to divorce.

Recall, Ozcan celebrated his marriage to Feyza Aktan, who was about 20 years old in March 2018, at a family ceremony that included the family of the two brides in Istanbul. The couple lived with their first child, April 2018.

On the other hand, the series "Bride from Istanbul" was the last dramatic work starred by  Ozcan Deniz, with the Turkish star Asli Enver.

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