Ali was injured when he saved Sevda from Uygar. Sevda and Ali immediately sought refuge at Tugrul Baba’s house,namely teacher Ali in the orphange but both the Pilot and Uygar chased them.
Even worse Uygar knew that Ali was injured and he intended to use this for his benefit.To find Uygar,Ali made a decision to make Hudaverdi speak.But he faced with a surprise that was completely unexpected.
Pilot’s love for Duygu continued to increase,while Duygu was busy anxiously tring to drive Sevda out of Ali.To achieve this,the steps she took dragged Ali into serious danger.
Ali once again faced the Pilot and Uygar and he almost broke the promise he made for himself many years ago.
Meanwhile Sevda ,who had left  Ali's house ,would  open the door to a secret that no one knew.

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