Will Ali be able to save himself from the terrible plan that has been set for him?

When Ali  leaves the house of Sevda, he is perplexed about  Köksal. Köksal further shakes deeply after falling into Ali, making things worse he thinks his secret has been exposed and knows he is now very afraid.

Sevda continues to come up with new excuses to be able to spend time with Ali; but she has no idea what danger is approaching.

Uygar and Amca are preparing for a horrific plan. This plan will insure Ali's death at the same time will also ensure that Sevda will hate him. Without even realizing what is being pilot is also part of this plan.

For Ali, who has no idea what will happen to him, he is busy trying to rid himself of Uygar once and for all.

The plan is ignited when Sinan sells drugs in Ali district.

Will Ali be able to prevent the implementation of the Uygar plan? Will the pilot actually drag his brother to his death?

What will Sevda do when she face the part of this plan about her family?


Tuesday 25 June at 20:00 on the ATV channel

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