Will the Sanem & Can business partnership affect their love ?
Strong love between Can and Sanem is strong enough to overcome any problem ... But in their lives a new era began, everything begins to change ... they are now business partners ....

What involve their business partnership?

Business partnership, dream partners, life partners?

Since Sanem and Can have not met over the past year, they have changed a lot.
Two people who are loved each other and feared to loss of each other, are ready and willing to do anything to each other.
Sanem and Can dream each other without seeing the need to change anything, they have set aside their thoughts to express each other's feelings .

Emre and Leyla started a new project. Leyla will receive a helping hand from an unexpected place at all from her musical teacher Ferit ..... We will have to wait to see how the relationship between Ferit and Emre will be.

Now that Can was trying to save Sanem's cream, he might realize that he could no longer control his feelings.

 Tuesday, July 2 @ 20:00 on StarTV

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