Erkenci Kus Summary of Episode 45 - Synopsis 

When Can saw his fiance ring on Sanem’s neck,he now realized that Sanem had brought their love around her neck. Can eyes were filled with tears,but Sanem reminded him that they were only business partners, only because she did not know what Can really thought and she was afraid.
Now this is when thrir partnership begings to heat up.Did Sanem do nothing,of course not,she immediately looked for a bandana that was very valuable to Can.
This madness continues, both of them continue to reject their love for each other until they accept the truth.
Tey must immediately start marketing and advertising Sanem cream.They don’t have a budget, they have to do this themselves.They will even become actors for advertising.Add this deep Sanem perfume to the Can’s work,we are ready to ride wildly while filming this ad!
Emre and Leyla continue to live under the pressure of work every day .Emre had difficulty adjusting to his new job and he desperately needed the support of Leyla.But Leyla is very busy at work .Will Leyla know how much Emre really needs it?
Finally,Can and Sanem have to face the reality of their love and attraction with each other or they have to face their fears…But regardless of what they do in the end love is always a winner!

Tuesday 25 June @20:00 on star TV

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