Sanem and Can are on board,they are on an endless journey in blue waters.Sanem didn’t even know where they were going,actually as long as she was with Can , for her it really didn’t matter where they went,but she didn’t have the courage to say this out loud.
Finally for the first time in more than a year,Can had the opportunity to tell Sanem the truth about his feelings.For the first time in a very long time both of them could talk openly about what was in their hearts,once again all stopped because of love.
Yigit cannot accept the fact that Sanem is with Can, and he is ready to do anything so as not to lose Sanem.Yigit’s plan caused chaos at the agency ,at one point i twas least expected that all staff would find themselves in police custody,but assistance came from the most unexpected place.
Emre really wanted to start a new life with his wife.He is ready to do whatever work he can find,but it is not easy to find work.Many things have changed,Emre is not an old Emre   ,he is willing to do anything to make Leyla happy.
A new period has begun for Sanem and Can ,they are now partners.How about love ?Will their heartbeat suddenly and mysteriously disappear ?How can Can explain this to Sanem ?
Tuesday 18 June at 20 :00 on Star TV

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