Answering the questions of journalists  the previous day, Demet Özdemir made a statement about the video taken during the bayram holiday.
 Demet Özdemir  appeared in front of the press the day before. Knowing that the series will continue during the summer season, the beautiful actress said, "We already did not plan the holiday. We knew we would work this summer. While the series continues, I do not plan, it is unclear what will happen," she said. Özdemir expressed that they are working at an intense pace and answered questions about the video that emerged during the holiday.

On the first day of the holiday, Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir's families met at the barbecue party. The social media leaked from this meeting image; Can Yaman entered the pool with his uncle Ibrahim Namli's daughter and swam. Can Yaman swimming with his uncle İbrahim Namlı :
 “May Allah gives you such a son,… he wishes, and then the laughter of Demet Özdemir rises. Speaking about that Özdemir said"was not  special meeting, there were other players were reflected in that way," .

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