It was supposed to be "the happiest" day in the life of Ceylan  and Omar, the day of their engagement is destroyed when Christina rings the doorbell.

She carries a  child and explains  stories   about Omar's life  put Ceylan and her family in a position with many big question marks.

While everyone tries to control Ceylan, at the same time trying to figure out whether this girl they see for the first time really tell the truth.

As for Omar, he is anger over the offensive and outrageous comments he accuses. To prove his innocence, he must either ensure that Christina explains the truth to all, or that he needs to know who is actually responsible for this abhorrent act.

The story created by Tylan is devastating to Ceylan. Tylan continues to make sure that this tough plan does not contain any missing gaps, and knows that this may be the opportunity he was waiting for to get close to Ceylan.

 On Monday July 1 @ 20:00 on the ATV

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