The major accidents experienced by Taylan and Ceylan greatly affected everyone.Feryal realized that Ceylan was far more important to her son than she had thought beefore.
As for omer, because he was far away ,he did not know what had happened.Unfortunatally he also finds himself in grave danger when he tries to help Saffet on the construction site.
That same night the Hakserver family experienced a second major overhaul.
Elvan who almost died from attemting suicide,needed help and support from all her family and Haci Anne this assistance was very importnat.
But when a confrontation took place between Mujgan and Elvan ,Mujgan was forced to face a big reality.

Monday 17 June at 20 :00 on ATV

Canevim (My Life) is the story that started with an orphan young man named Maraz Ömer (Aras Aydin) and the adventure of earning money to marry the poor girl named Ceylan; Omer is going to Kars to the construction site, Ceylan (Biran Damla Yilmaz) 's rich family began to clean up the job and the spoiled son of the house is the harassment of Taylan (Özgür Çevik).


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