New series  No one knows/ Kimse bilmez produced by a small company baba yapım Starring: Karam Cim - Ozka Kaya.
Type - Drama.
Displaying on the ATV

The story of the series

It is about the young man (Ali Oglu), beloved in the neighborhood where he lives and calls the teacher. One day he will flee the police in his house and will go to the house of Sevda, who is trying to help him. This young man lives in a small poor area, apart from the tragedy of the family. There is something that distinguishes him from his neighbors, but he has a great secret. He is experienced in electronics and has unique physical abilities. He has skills such as looking in the dark, and loved in the neighborhood he lives in thanks to his abilities, he is in the service of intelligence, where he worked for a long time in favor of the state and calls the teacher. However, having lost his wife and child, who thinks he died because of his work, he gives up everything and decides to live the life of a small man. His main mission is to find his lost brother Solomon, whom everyone calls the pilot because of his passion for airplanes. The appearance of Ali Sevda in her life will give her a new meaning and give him a new love ..

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