New Fairy tales begins

One year has passe since Can and sanem broke up.Sanem wrote her book and was translated into many languages,Sanem became very successful.Despite the fact that her dream has come true,life without Can has destroyed Sanem’s life.
One year ago after Can left Sanem in regret and immediately tried to contact him,but she could not reach him.For months everyone including Sanem,no one could contact Can.Sanem felt like she had been abandoned and truly forgetten.
Yigit who was left injured on that day with his book burning fire,a difficult day for Can could not even wait for a moment to calm down and leave immediately,leaving Sanem alone was something he would never forgive

But for Can during this year there hasn’t been a single moment that he did’t think about Sanem.As long as it is not really needed,Can stays in the sea and does not set foot on the ground,he travels the world but cnnot find peace.
Can see himself as a bad person,an agressive person who has endangered the person he really loves.Also the fact that Sanem did not believe him,was thing he would never forgive.
Aziz Bey ,who has returned to Turkey after a long time gone with the help of his good friend Remide Hanim ,Aziz can find Can and wants to talk to him.Can who told himself that he would never set foot in the city where Sanem was,sure he received back to Istanbul from Remide Hanim.

No matter how hard Sanem and Can avoid,fate has united them.With the help of Aziz and Remide they met .Love in her life,her Albatross and his emerald back from ashes ,love and fairy tales began here.

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