Miran Aslanbey was trying to figure out a way so he could protect Reyyan ,when Reyyan told him « what happens here, stays here « and with these words Miran falls apart.
Everything was complicated when Reyyan accepted Azad’s marriage proposal !
On the one hand there is Handan and Cihan who do not want their son to marry Reyyan ,on the other hand Azize Aslanbey who every day will lose her grandson ,Miran !
Meanwhile in the midst of all this chaos ,Miran run to the small Gul .

There is a lot of pressure and tension in Sadoglu’s mansions ! on the one hand is his grandfather Nasuh Sagoglu with Azad standing tall in front of him, on the other hand is Yaren who is still playing games and making steps to complicate matters more !
Then there was Miran who grew up brainwashed with a burning desire for revenge,while his mind and heart were playing with him and at the same time why Miran turned the gun to her father Hazar Sadoglu ?

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