Miran asked Reyyan to give him for one last chance just 24 hours to explain everything that had happened,why it happened and to win back her trust and confidence,of course he had to deal with Azize Aslanbey’s wrath in this matter.
Fanally Hazar found out where her daughter was detained,and she wanted to bring his daughter back in good health and safety,but once again he faced with the wrath of Miran.
When Reyyan learned that Azat had kidnapped Gonul,shed id not want the danger to come to   anyone and she also decided that this was the right thing to do.
Meanwhile Gonul thought that she had formed a partnership with Azat dealing directly with a situation that was totally unexpected and so as not lose control of the situation she was making she took the final step.
But this situation takes a turn and moves in a direction that no one will think.

Friday 31 May on Atv 20 :00

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