Miran Şadoğlu is pushing the mansion. His aim is to take and save  Reyyan.He offers to wipe out all the debts of Şadoğulları,But Nasuh makes a decision that surprises everyone.  Reyyan says she doesn't want Miran because of Gonul. Reyyan, who was ordered by her grandfather in the marriage of Azat, is staying in a creek in the two.Miran cannot accept Reyyan's marriage to Azat. When Reyyan tries to silence her heart, she wants to continue her life like she never saw Miran. But Miran has no intention of giving it up. Meanwhile,Hazar wants to tell Reyyan that he is not his real father.  Moreover, Azat hears these words.and he now knows that Reyyan's real father is not Hazar.

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