Zalim Istanbul Summary of Episode 5 - Synopsis

When Cemre got a totally unexpected response from Agah her anger continued to increase.Nedim has reached a point where is no way to control it..Cenk moved with his instinct to protect Cemre from his mother and he was now face to face the first time in a position opposite to his mother.
Ceren uses her own term and feels confident with generous existence that makes her move but her crime this time tries to hurt Nedim too.At the end what shed id had an unimaginable impact on Nedim and Cenk.
After all that just happened and for the first time Seniz was helpless.When Ceren found out what had happened ,she used her anger to push Civan to attack Cemre.
Agah is fed up with Cenk’s irresponsible behavior,so to put him on the right path he ties his hand.while Ceren could not remain calm with the bomb she was holding and when all the options for Agah had run out,she approached Seher in surprising negotiations.
Whereas for Cenk ,hearing Seniz’s voice rang in his ear,he will make a move that can be 

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