Cemre was stunned when she saw Cenk standing in front of her .In response to his arrogance movement,she got a truly unexpected response.
Civan ,who refused to stop blaming Agah made all lawyers do everything they could to save him.
Seher’s hand is still in Karacay ‘s neck.Seniz used this opportunity to expel Seher and her family and also to continue poisoning Nedim.
Once again the Yilmaz family found themselves with their luggae on the streets ,but this time they got the support of someone they had never expected.
Meanwhile Ceren saw that her pregnancy test was positive she was very happy,

Seher lost herself completely when Civan was arrested .
Nedim interrupted the hot and heavy argument between Seniz and Agah who became very happy while Seniz was completely stunned.

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