The internet watching figures of" hercai" series tell the success !

"Atv" screens  the popular series "Hercai"on  Friday evening . Akın Akınözü and Ebru Sahin starred in 6 episodes of the series. The interest in the series on both the screen and the internet is worth seeing.

Hercai series, which takes  the first place on Friday evening, draws attention with the viewing rates on the internet.

The YouTube channel, which includes the fragments and scenes of the "Hercai" series, has achieved a very fast track of 1.150 million followers. "Hercai" has ever been the fastest growing series on youtube.

This success was also reflected in the figures.

The numbers of the episodes of the episode "Hercai" on Youtube show success:

1 episode  more than 16 million

2 episode more than 9 million

3 episode more than 10 million

4 episode more than 11 million

5 episode more than 8 million

6. episode 3.5 million

In addition to the episodes, the views of the various scenes of the series are also quite high.

The total number of views shared on youtube channel is over 189 million 500 thousand in a short period of time.

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