Serenay Sarıkaya and Kerem Bürsin's loves started in 2015 on the set of their commercial film. When the families met in 2016, the news that the duo would marry for the first time found a place in the press. Although Serenay Sarikaya said " I am too young for marriage ", she couldn't convince a magazine's employees. There were reports that the duo would often sit at the wedding table , Until last month.

Separate rumors!

 Her leading role in Alice Musical, brought Serenay into a heavy tempo. Beautiful actress known for her hard working day, night. Even when she could not bear the tempo even more she was hospitalized . Meanwhile, Kerem Bürsin starred in the "Magnificent Duo" series screen. Kerem Bürsin took a breath in America and returned to Istanbul after a short holiday.
In this process, the reports said the lovers  who were away from each other were separated. Kerem Bürsin returned to Istanbul from the United States. Journalist  caught him at Nişantaşı and asked him about this gossip. Bürsin denies the claims in a certain language, "I'm not, im doing some work there. Naturally, such news comes out. Everything is going great. There is a no breakup. We normally meet such news. We are quite used to this kind of news," he said.

 Today the same claims came back. Serenay Sarıkaya and Kerem Bürsin, in the magazine program named "2nd page" published in Kanal D, announced that they decided to quit. What the couple will respond to the allegations was the subject of curiosity. 20 days ago "no separation," said Kerem Bürsin now what?

 The beautiful actress who participated in the introductory meeting of " the Procter & Gamble event"  was asked whether the claims were true or not. "I do not want to do anything other than today's purpose," said Sarikaya, "Let's talk another time," She passed the questions.

 Kerem Bürsin will also ask  for this separation. Kerem Bürsin, who is known for his close relationship with journalists and who never rejects their questions, will certainly answer the questions that come with all sincerity and put an end to this uncertainty. That's when there's a break-up. Let's see if we can ...

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