Kuzgun immediately brought Dila who was bleeding a lot to the hospital .Dila was taken to the operating room.The fact that Dila stood in front of Kuzgun to prevent the bullets being directed at the gun to hit him , after the incident made the Kuzgun see his relationship with Dila like there was a completely new light.
Kuzhun blamed himself for Dila being shot, the pain he felt deep inside him also forced him to face the true feelings he had denied so far.During this difficult time the one who entertained Kuzgun was Kumru.
Dila came out of the operating room and was no longer in a life-threatening situation.After Dila left the hospital ,Kuzgun never went from the side of Dila for a moment ,whether in the hospital or at home ,he continued to care for her. During this time the heart of Kuzgun will be reminded of the love he has for her.

Meanwhile after the shooting arranged by Bora ,Seda was also slightly injured in the leg and she ran to Kartal.By being chased by two people in a quiet place there was an event where they would never hope.
At the same time Meryem did his best to try and help Kartal with the money he desperately needed and in this process she learned a big secret about his son.
After Dila returned from the hospital ,Kuzgun immediately began investigating the shooting attack and who was responsible.
It didn’t take long for him to find out that Bora Dagistanli was responsible for the attack.
When Kuzgun prepared to hold accountable for this action,he encountered obstacles,namely the wall known as Behram Adivar.But this is not enough to stop the Kuzgun was determined to get rid of them from their lives forever.

Utilizing Dervis ,Kuzgun challenged Behram .To get rid of Bora,Kuzgun declared war.Ali’s chosen side will change the dynamics of all parties.
Dila knows that Kuzgun has declared war and has plans to kill Bora.The arrow has slipped from its bow.When the quota puts the plan into action,Dila appeared before him at a time he had never expected.

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