Will the secret meeting mean the end of reyyan
After Gul leaves the hospital Miran secretely brings Reyyan to the mansion .Gul who was very upset and missed her sister very much,was shocked when she saw Reyyan.
After the seperation that these two sisters had to do with each other they spent time loving each other without knowing what would happen to them.
Yaren sadoglu plays an evil game once more.

To protect her granddaughter Elif,Azize Aslanbey carried out the plan ,so that she really lost the trust of her granddauther.
Elif ,who knew what the Aslan family had done with Reyyan did not remain silent about what happened in the big house.
As days passed ,Elif found out more and she was really shocked,but how long would she accept this..Will Azize Aslanbey continue to lose the people she loved .
Who hired sehriyar Hanim to work in the mansion and where she received orders…
Even though Miran had taken revenge ,he could not erase the love he felt for Reyyan from his heart ,and every day devastation and destruction passed .Because of this feeling he decided that he had to go after to know the truth , and he knew the facts like that...

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