Erkenci Kus Summary of Episode 39 - Synopsis

During the photoshoot ,Can and Sanem were very strssed. Even though the two of them seemed to question whether they were reasy to get married,there were actually problems and unanswered questions that had been bothering them all along.
Will they be able to overcome this….
Emre and Leyla’s marriage has turned into a circus, finally happening.Preparations and celebrations continue quickly.

The only thing that makes everyone very careful is to make sure that Huma and Mevkiba are not close togother,because if they do,they will find something to fight for.
Yigit used his connection outside Turkey to find an opportunity for Sanem who could not be refused and he offered this offer to Sanem,but she could not write.
Can is very supportive of Sanem,but there are so many problems that arise from the left and right…
How can and Sanem solve this problem ?
Saturday 27 April 20 :00 on star tv

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