Demet Ozdemir defended her partner Can Yaman

After  spreading the news that the actor Can Yaman  mistreated a fan entered the shooting without permission and  insulted the set and did not leave the group despite being alerted.
Demet Ozdemir made an official statement about the alleged fight on the set of the Early Bird / Erkençi kus series.

  Can Yaman tried to calm the fan and moved him away from his partner Demet to a safe distance. But he responded to Can's attempt by grabbing his hands and while "Can" was trying to free his arm from his grip the camera fell from his hand and did not throw it at anyone. The man was not hurt, but the camera that fell to the ground had been damaged.

Demet stressed that they try to behave warmly as much as possible with the fans, but sometimes unpleasant attitudes occur to people who do not act kindly.

Demet herself was severely hurt by the fact that Can had been charged  without even understanding exactly what had happened.

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