Burak Özçivit, a handsome actor who was eager to become a father on April 13, continued to take the KTP.
Last Saturday, Burak Özçivit, who got his son Karan, went to the Beykoz Population Directorate in the morning and issued an identity card for Karan. Burak Özçivit, who was faced with great interest from the staff of the Population Directorate, did not reject the request of his fans.

, Fahriye Evcen and Burak Özçivit, who who married in 2017 , had  their first child . Burak Özçivit, who did not leave his wife Fahriye Evcen Özçivit alone during birth, experienced moments of emotion. A baby boy "Karan" 3,670 pounds 52 cm.

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