A new start to the early bird series!

Star TV's romantic comedy series, Early Bird, surprised the audience with its 39 episodes. Audience were expected Sanem and Can to marry, but the separation shocked them.

In the series starring Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, Can fell into a bad plan with the trap set by Hüma and Yiğit.

 Yigit  threw all the notes of Sanem's book into the fire, but made it look like Can did. Yigit fell and injured in the fight between the two. Seeing these, Sanem pulled everything out.
"Can" left everything too.

In the 40th episode, the screenwriter changes a different path in the story of the series. Time lapse.
 In the meantime Sanem wrote a book called Zümrüdüanka and Albatros .

Can also appears after a long time . His hair is well scattered .

 what will happen in the encounter of two lovers again. Facing the 40th episode of the series, Can confronted Sanem with his hand.

Will Sanem hold that hand again? Will two lovers come together again after years? We will watch and see?

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