On the screen  of Star TV, on Saturday evening the new section of  the early bird series  was released.

In the new section of the series starring Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, Sanem, who had decided not to go to Izmir with Yiğit, had taken the breath when Can went to the mountain house.
After the romance of the two lovers after a long time to start their relationship again romantic moments will attract attention.

Can and Sanem's relations was on the road of  course this will not like by Huma, Polen and Yigit very much!

 while maintaining the relationship, it will continue to appear funny situations.

Can and Sanem’s pleasant moments are when they  visit the shelter animals.

Meanwhile, Yiğit and Polen also want to come to the shelter butdue to  the game of the wrong location they will go to a different place.

Here is the introduction of the new section:

Will ice between Sanem and Can melt?

The jealousy crisis between Can and Sanem grows and Can finally gives up and kidnaps Sanem. Can arranges a chalet where he can be alone to talk to Sanem and settle his problems. But both of them do not feel comfortable there, they return to discussing the speeches, and they continue to persist. On the other hand, they have a fun day. The sudden disappearance of Sanem and Can, is uneasy especially for Polen and Yigit. Polen fears that the two will make peace and seek support from Hüma.
 Is it enough to Sanem and Can to melt the ice between them ?

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