Tuba Büyüküstyun  was unable to find a suitable role for her

The journalist Ranini denied news reports that Tuba Büyüküstyun  had signed a contract to work on Ay Yapim's and Puhu TV's Internet series and negotiated her own "conditional contract" with Netflix.

She said that there was n't any new television series on TV Puhu, and generally did not think it would do anything with Tuba Büyüküstyun 's work in the near future. Ranini noticed that the actress might be "reading scenarios," because it was difficult to find the right role for her now . She also denied rumors of a possible partnership between Kenan İmirzalıoğlu  and Tuba Büyüküstyun , saying that as he read the texts, he did not find the right role yet.

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