Çağatay Ulusoy, Cenk Eren, and Gizem Karaca were sentenced to prison for "Drug Trade." The trial of the case was started today. Gizem Karaca, "This event lasted for 7 years. I married last year, I want to be a mother and future planning, I do not dare because of this obstacle," she said.

20 defendants, including celebrities, were tried again at the Court of Appeal. Çağatay Ulusoy, Cenk Eren, Gizem Karaca in the trial.
This  experienced at the age of the 19-years-old  said Karaca , "I had been with my family abroad for 3-4 years. Very quickly I was thrown into the business life. I've never been bought and sold, I can never give it to anyone else.This event lasted for 7 years. Very affected me and worn out, my work, my psychology. I got married last year, I want to be a mother and do my future planning, I don't dare because of this obstacle. I want you to consider that. I demand my acquittal. "
The court postponed the trial.

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