Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu's separation issue Seren Serengil from the great claim!

Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu 's separation of the matter Seren Serengil' s great claim!
An interesting claim was made about the Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu couple who had been separated for a while, and on March 28, the day of the trial, and the allegations of divorce were put forward..

Seren Serengil is the person who made the claim. Seren Serengil, who made statements on the agenda of her YouTube channel, made striking claims about the divorced Beren Saat - Kenan Doğulu couple.

Singer  Seren Serengil recently said that their marriage is in the stage of endingand  the couple came to divorce because of family reasons.

"Didn't see it as his bride"
Seren Serengil, Kenan Doğulu' s mother never accepts Beren Saat as bride, she said.
"Beren is unhappy since the beginning of marriage"

I think Beren is very unhappy about family matters. She's been unhappy since the beginning of marriage. I think Kenan could not find a solution because it has a soft structure. This may not be entirely my opinion. .

They had a discussion.

Beren Saat had an unpleasant period of time with his mother-in-law Serpil Doğulu and then followed it off from social media accounts.

’The claim that they will divorce on March 28th

Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu will divorce on Thursday, March 28th.

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