ATV and NTC media-signed new series  Rich and Poor which will soon be on screen .The

 Promo Trailer

 starts to turn on the screens :Binnur Kaya, Gökhan Alkan, Osman Sonant, Evrim Solmaz, Gulcan Arslan, Damla Colbay, Elif Dogan, Eren Hacisalihoglu, Tuna Orhan, Mert Asker and Sacide Tasaner are the players.

The comments of the audience, which will tell the story of two rich and poor families connected to each other, are already coming.

 The audience found the introductions as simple and did not make very hopeful comments for the  partners in the series  Gokhan Alkan and Damla Colbay. They were incompatible.

Let's see how the story flow between Karan (Gokhan )-Aysel (Damla) when the series begins.

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