Netflix announces the second Turkish version, "The Gift", starring Bern Sat

Netflix has announced the second original Turkish supernatural drama "The Gift", which will be starred by local star Beren Sat, best known for her successful role in the Turkish drama "Fatmagul", which has achieved worldwide success.

The series began filming in Istanbul, consisting of eight episodes sponsored by British producer Alex Sutherland and produced by Turkish company OG Medya for Netflix. The series "The Gift" will consist of two seasons.

 The story of the series takes place in Istanbul, where young talented painter Attia lives a normal and happy life with her family, lover and friend Ozan, but her life changes completely after the discovery of the oldest temples in the world Gobeklitepe.

 Archaeologist Erhan will discover that there is a strange symbol of connection to Attia. Because of this mysterious event, Attiyah decides to search for her past in this temple to open the doors of knowledge that will lead her to answer all ancient and future research.

The first Turkish original on Netflix was the protector of The Protector, who also starred in a supernatural superstar, performed in 190 regions last December and recorded more than 10 million hits in the first four weeks.

On April 26, Netflix will release the second season of "The Protector". Who starring Chathay Oluswei as a young antiques dealer. Descends from the line of ancient superheroes and must protect Istanbul at present from the forces of evil.

Netflix is ​​seeking to create a bigger footprint in Turkey at a time when the local television industry has been battered by the country's extended currency crisis, although it is still one of the world's biggest TV drama exporters.

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