Azat will cause a great tragedy!

The first episode of Hercai, which was published on Atv, came to the screen last week.

Ebru Sahin and Akın Akınözü starring the series, the new section as follow:

Miran is almost ready to reach the end of his life-long revenge plan!

But the surprises of his life are waiting for him at the door! As the granddaughter Reyyan of Şadoğlu family  spends happy time with him , rainsing hatred and hatred  in which he  grew up with, his heart sounds different!

Azize Aslanbey, who is aware of everything, has different plans against this situation. How will Miran Aslanbey whose mind and heart are involved in this confusion?

Azat, who cannot stand any more against all of this,he  does everything in his power to dispense him. Azat, who is willing to stand against the world in order not to harm Reyyan's hair, causes a great tragedy without realizing it.

With her new part Hercai series will be screened on Friday at 20:00 atv !

Here are pictures from episode 2

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