The second episode of Hercai, which started to be published on March 15, 2019, was on the ATV screens yesterday evening. The first episode of the popular series Hercai 2, which was watched with great interest from the first day of its publication, locked its lovers yesterday. On Friday, Miran and Reyyan marry in Hercai. Immediately after the completion of the second part of the episode 3 episode trailer was published. Here is the episode summary of Part 2 and section 3 of the episode

The new series of ATV has won the appreciation of the audience since the first day of publication.  The series is about an impossible love story from revenge. The story between Miran and Reyyan sets the fate of the Shadoglu and Aslanbey families. So, what happened in episode 2?


Miran is about to reach its end in his revenge plan. But the surprises of his life are waiting for him at the door!
Azize Aslanbey, who is aware of everything, has different plans against this situation. How will Miran Aslanbey whose mind and heart are involved in this confusion?

Azat, who cannot stand any more than all of this, does what he can to give Reyyan his best interest. Azat, who is willing to stand against the world in order to prevent any damage to her, causes a great tragedy without realizing it.

Miran Aslanbey is approaching success in the revenge oath against the Shadoglu family. The only obstacle for Miran to reach his plan is his feelings for Reyyan. As Miran spends time with Reyyan, he feels different emotions.

The last trailer of the episode was released! - Reyyan set himself on fire!


Miran Aslanbey, who came to Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, offered Nasuh Şadoğlu more than a partnership: he wants  Reyyan. However, Nasuh, the most powerful family head in the region, has different plans for Miran, which he calls a very good fortune. He's going to give her a grandaughter, but not the granddaughter she wants. Nasuh is unaware of Miran's plans as he tries to convince Miran of his plan. The decision to be given between the two men is eagerly waiting, the news will affect the life of Reyyan and Yaren deeply.

How will a love story that grows on the traces of Midyat's thousands of years of history will affect the fate of the two families?
Can the handsome businessman of Istanbul meet the beauty of Midyat?
In the first part of hercai, you will witness a great exam with love at first sight!

Producer: Mia Production

Director: Cem Karcı

Screenplay: Eda Tezcan, Feraye Şahin

Players: Akın Akınözü (Miran Aslanbey), Ebru Şahin (Reyyan Şadoğlu), Ayda Aksel (Azize Aslanbey), Serhat Tutumluer (Hazar Şadoğlu), Macit Sonkan (Nasuh Şadoğlu), Gülçin Santırcıoğlu (Sultan Aslanbey), Oya Unustası (Gönül Aslanbey) , İlay Erkök (Yaren Şadoğlu), Tansu Taşanlar (Azad Şadoğlu)

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