" Early Bird"series ending season end series!!

Star TV's successful series "Early Bird" has a  change in course . Aslı Zengin will depart from "Early Bird" at the end of the season.

Successful screenwriter Aslı Zengin, who wrote the script of the series "Early Bird", who is the scriptwriter for the "Romantic Comedy" film series and "Cherry Season", "No: 309", "Strawberry Smell", has decided to leave the season-end series.

As it is known, "Early Bird" series will not make a "season finale" in the summer season and will continue to be on the screens with new sections.

The most watched series of Saturday's 'Early Bird' in the summer season, will be written by screenwriter Ayşe Kutlu after 39 episodes.

 Meanwhile,it was allegedly said that it  is scheduled to end in May with the shows drastically deteriorating ratings. 

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