Last period Beren Saat  divorce was the news on the agenda, but she does not make a statement on this issue in the social media . Beren Saat's share on her Instagram account draws a lot of attention.

Everybody places a meaning in the sharing of Beren Saat and attributes them to the life of the famous actress.

Lastly, Beren Saat shared an artistic photo. In English,  note (Wing) was dropped.

The followers of Beren Saat made different comments to the photo where a wounded hand appeared.

Some people consider this photo of the absent Ring as an explanation to freedom.
I got the wings. "I'm free now,"  while others commented: "Beren Saat tries to attract attention by making such strange, inexplicable shares."

Some of the followers who think that Beren Saat is very upset and frustrated, you are underestimating the shares you do not understand. Beren is not like everyone else. she doesn't have to make a statement. You're used to the fake smiles of selfie, defending the famous player.

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