Can Yaman appeared in a scene that is specific to the Turkish film actor Cüneyt Arkin !
Can Yamana shared with his fans  the fight scene in the early Birds series through his instagram account and received many likes and comments.

Can Yaman, who gave life to Can Divit character in Early bird TV series on Star TV screens on Saturday evenings, was on stage in Cüneyt Arkin (Turkish film actor).

One of the scenes where 3-4 people fought against 1 person, who was the classic of old Turkish films, took place in Early Bird series.

Cey Cey who likes to act as a man and his 2 friends drew attention with the tough attitude during the fight. The states of Can Yaman, who gave air to his friends as if they were really beaten, were widely spoken on social media.

Can Yaman shared the sequence with the bomb emojis in the instagram account.

Some comments from the followers were as follows.

-King in the middle of the kings. "
“-That was pretty good. "
. - He beat the men pretty much. I wonder if the health status of those who are  beaten .

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