In Star TV's beloved romantic comedy series Early Bird there was a  scene that has made the audience happy in recent weeks.

In the series starring Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, despite the barriers of Hüma, Polen and Yiğit, the relationship between Can and Sanem quickly entered the path of marriage.

In the last published episode of the series, it was realized that the audience had long waited for a long time since he declared himself to Sanem in front of everyone and proposed marriage with a ring.

Sanem and Can focused on the issue of wedding and how their families could ask for a wedding

Can said that Sanem, who wanted to get married soon, didn't matter. Sanem said she was in favor of a simple marriage, but both Hüma Hanım and his mother's expectations were different.

During this time, Can gave an interesting idea. Can, referring to the much-spoken Indian weddings in recent times, said that he would not be able to watch Sanem dancing in Indian clothing. The audience immediately jumped on the idea!

 We want Indian wedding , voices in social media began to rise.

It is not known whether they will see this request of the audience, but it is obvious that it will be fun and entertaining!

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