The Early Bird series is getting ready to meet the audience on the Star TV screen.A new trailer was released from the 36th episode of the Early Birds series which will be released on Saturday, March 30.

In the new episode of the series, Can will propose to Sanem, but there is a problem.

Early Bird 36 Episode 2. Watch the trailer!
Can" is proposing marriage to Sanem!

In recent weeks, the fans of the Early Bird series said that the flirting of the couple is now too tight and they should get married. It was revealed that these suggestions were heard and the developments regarding the marriage of the couple would take place in the following chapters.

Production: Gold Film Producer: Faruk Turgut Director: Çağrı Bayrak Screenplay: Ayşe Kutlu Üner

Player Roster: Sanem Aydin: Demet Ozdemir Can Divit: Can Yaman Leyla Aydin: Oznur Sercheler Mevkibe Aydin: Ozlem Tokaslan Nihat Aydin: Berat Yenilmez Emre Divit: Birand Tunca Ayhan Kumral Cengiz Ozdemir (Ceycey): Anil Celik Guliz Yildirim: Sibel Sisman Osman Isik: Ali Yagci

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