Turkish star Burak Ozcivit does not spare his wife, actress Fahriye Evcen in romantic words, and express his love for her in most of his media meetings.

In his most recent remarks, Burak described his wife as stunning, saying that she is the highest priority of his life. "What bothers me most is making me sad when I see a picture of me with Fahriye and I am not smiling and I do not hold her hand."

"Then I said what was the thing that worried me at that moment to the point that I forget the existence of the most important person in my life as she stands beside me ?, I go back to apologize to her, because no matter how important, it can not be more important than the love of my life. "It is not an exaggeration that occupies the top priority of my life, and it is enough that I have enjoyed it and thus She was the most important person in life."

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