Hazal Kaya, who performed miracles with her character in our story series, lived one of the happiest days of her life on the last day.

Hazal Kaya, who married Ali Atay after 5 years, showed that she was very happy at their wedding.

Kaya decided to emphasize her happiness in her first posting on social networks after the wedding.

Kaya wrote the following note:

Yes, no matter where I start, how to explain it to me. Having overcome a number of sad events in a row, we said that neither the summer wedding, nor the fact that it is necessary to wait.

At first we had a wedding with a small team, and then we had to go to Istanbul for many reasons. Good thing I did.

Our wonderful guests who play with us as their weddings, we have seen how closely we are in our family, we love you very much, we are very lucky,

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